Scenes from Hyung

Hyung Martial Arts Montage Trailer

Montage of Hyung: The K-Town Chronicles, featuring Taejoon Lee, Mickey Rourke and tons of action...

Velfarre Night Club Brawl

Tae and Ed-K go for a night out at the hottest nightclub in K-town, the Velfarre. What was suppose to be a celebration of their brotherhood turns into all out chaos as a gang of thugs rushes the club and attacks Tae and Ed-K. Out numbered, Tae and Ed-K must now fight their way out to survive...

Hustled at the Gentlemen's Club

"Do you play? How about this... If you win, I'm yours for the night. If I win, you're mine!"
                                                                      -Female Strip Club Owner to Tae

A Martial Arts Legacy: "What is my Name?"

"The day I was born, my mother once told me, was the happiest day of my father's life. Being ... the first born son meant everything to him. I was his hope to carry his legacy. My father once told me, I carry his face, which I was never comfortable with. I have my own face. Then again he also said, "When a tiger dies, he leaves his pelt. When a man dies, he leaves only his name." I didn't want to stain his name. I had to find out for myself, what is my name?"

"A Sharp Blade Dulls Quickly..."

"A sharp blade dulls quickly. A dull blade is useless. I refuse to be useless."