"I always thought I knew what I wanted, but the harder I tried, the greater my misery and suffering."

A Personal Thank You...

Producer Mr. Taejoon Lee would like to thank the following people and businesses who’ve helped to make “Hyung: The K-Town Chronicles” possible. 

Dr. Joo Bang Lee – Hwa Rang Do Founder and WHRDA President

World Hwa Rang Do Association

Ms. Olivia Vaatete – Co-Producer, Line-Producer, Master Lee’s assistant

Mr. Preston Rapp – Director of Photography and Editing

Ms. Heather Rapp – For Sound Recording

Mr. Mickey Rourke

Mr. Tony Diaz – Editing/Post Production

Mr. Isaiah Faulkner – Original Sound Track (Mad Life Music)

Mr. Rick Spalla - Equipment, Editing Bay, Grip Truck Rental
website: www.hipfilms.com

Velfarre Night Club

Mr. Satoshi Nakagawa - Akira

Mr. Mike Boggs - Web Development

Mr. Ferny Ceballos & Mr. Raymond Fong - Internet Marketing & Programming

All the Actors and Extras

All the Girls of Cheetah’s

And all the other crew and production assistants…

“Thank you so much for your selfless contribution in helping to make my dreams come true.”
                                                                                          - Taejoon Lee