"I always thought I knew what I wanted, but the harder I tried, the greater my misery and suffering."

Support the Making of a Feature...

When we initially embarked on producing Act I of Hyung, 7 years ago, we did so with the ultimate goal of turning all three Acts into a full-length feature film.

We wanted to give the internet public, martial arts enthusiasts and independent film fanatics a taste of what could be possible with proper funding and resources.

Most of the time, when independent films are made from a shoestring budget, signs of those limitations are obvious through the camera work, special effects, make-up and overall quality of the film.

That being said, we do recognize that there is always room for improvement in any film and Act I of Hyung is no different. There are many things we wanted to do, including reshooting some parts of the film, adding more scenes, special effects, etc., but unfortunately we had to work with what we had due to budget constraints.

Despite this, when Hyung was completed we were very happy to see that the film did not bear many of the quality issues of even some bigger budget films.

Every single dollar from the original $20,000 budget was accounted for and stretched, many of our extras and actors worked for free, the Velfarre Night Club donated 2-days for the filming of the final fight scene, among countless other great gestures and contributions, which showed how deeply those involved believed in the film.

And when you see the film, you'll see that the quality and final product was not just a financial miracle, but one that was manifested through the hearts and souls of the actors, crew and others involved.

We now wish to move into the next phase of our mission, which is to generate enough funding to turn Hyung: The K-Town Chronicles into a full length feature film with all the necessities of a studio production.

Under the VIEW tab, you can read the complete synopsies for both Act II and Act III. Of course this is subject to change, but our goal is to complete the journey we've embarked on and we need the help of the entire internet community and fans of independent films.

Below you have the opportunity to contribute and help us complete our mission. We appreciate any contribution you can make, no matter how small or large. Rest assured that every single penny donated will go towards the production of a Hyung feature film, which includes remaking Act I as well.

We also understand if you are not in a position to donate, we encourage you to continue spreading the word about Hyung and forwarding the clips, trailers and episode links to your friends, co-workers and family.

Also, when forwarding to people, bear in mind that the film does contain the use of profanity and brief nudity.