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K-Town Chronicles Merchandise!

Here you will be able to find newly released Hyung and Hwa Rang Do® apparel, and products.

These items are exclusive to KTownChronicles.com & Hwa Rang Do® and are not available in stores.

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Official Hyung T-Shirts NOW Available!

Due to many requests, the Hyung Film Crew has just completed a design and released the very limited edition, Hyung: The K-Town Chronicles t-shirts!

The front of the shirt features the silouette of Tae (Taejoon Lee) standing over his enemies after his final battle from Act III. The back of the t-shirt displays the Um-Yang (Ying Yang) symbol as it would be displayed on the Korean flag. On the right sleeve you will find the Hyung logo.

Available in Small, Medium, Large and X-Large - $19.95 $14.95
(Very Limited Supply Available)

To purchase, click here: Buy Hyung: K-town Chronicles T-shirts


Hwa Rang Do® Im Jun Moo Taeh Silk Screen Shirts!

These limited edition silk screen shirts are the first in a series of, "Hwa Rang Do Meng Sae", beginning with the 4th code "Courage Never to Retreat in the Face of the Enemy".

by American Apparel®
100% Made in America

This series is in honor Grandmaster Taejoon Lee's life dedication to Hwa Rang Do® and his promotion to 8th Dan Black Sash - an extremely rare honor.

This is also the last Dan promotion the founder of Hwa Rang Do®, Supreme Grandmaster Dr. Joo Bang Lee, will be awarding his eldest son.

To purchase, click here: Buy the Hwa Rang Do® "Im Jum Moo Taeh" Silk Screen Shirts


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