"I always thought I knew what I wanted, but the harder I tried, the greater my misery and suffering."

The Film

Producer/Lead - Taejoon Lee

"Hyung: The K-Town Chronicles" is a digital feature film, where we have shot the first Act as a sample, to raise funding to complete the entire feature. For now we have taken the first Act, and divided it into three ten minute episodes for easier viewing and pleasure of the world wide internet community.

We hope you enjoy the film and we welcome your feedback, comments and donations: 

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Act I: Hyung (The Brotherhood) - Action: Empty Hand Fight
Two main Characters, Tae and Ed-K meet to form a brotherhood, which is put to the test by harsh elements of K-Town.

Act II: Euri (Honor) - Action: Gun Fight
Tae and Ed-K's brotherhood is put to the test by the temptations of greed, jealousy, and power.

Act III: Sarang (Love) - Action: Sword Fight
Power and money is not enough for a man.  The ultimate gift is Love.

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We want to share with the world the bicultural dilemma that Asian Americans face today in the modern era within our country.  We seek to explore and investigate the constant struggles of those who are conflicted between their Eastern background and their Western upbringing.  We also strive to entertain the public while at the same time, informing them of the beauty and power of the Korean martial/healing art, Hwa Rang Do® (the way of the flowering manhood).

Hyung: The K-Town Chronicles is an American film from an Asian-American perspective. 


In setting of Korea-Town, Los Angeles, which is symbolic and indicative of the Asian American culture in this country,  Korean Americans have their own style, culture, and flair, unique to themselves.  It is this lifestyle that is portrayed through the on-the-edge, hardcore, street character of Ed-K, who's all but turned his back on his eastern culture as he succumbs to the unruly, chaotic streets of K-Town.  Ed-K is  contrasted by the strong, grounded, traditional character of Tae, who is next in line to lead the traditional Korean martial art of Hwa Rang Do. 

Tae senses the warrior-spirit within Ed-K but also recognizes that he's misguided.  He goes out of his way to help Ed-K by accepting him as his younger brother, a decision he doesn't take lightly for he knows that brotherhood is forever while friendship is ephemeral.  Inevitably in doing so, Tae's honor and warrior code is put to the test.

This is the story of their relationship as they each struggle to find their places in the world.